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Organisations who become a member of Augeo academy receive a tailor-made online training package that can be used to train the people within their organisation. These people can take the online training courses when and where it suits them. In this way it is made possible to easily combine learning about child abuse and domestic violence with one's daily activities.

As an organisation you can train all your employees on the topic of domestic violence and child abuse for a fixed yearly fee. You can simply do this by purchasing an Augeo academy membership. The membership gives you access to several of our online training courses which have been specifically suited for your target group. The membership fee varies, depending on the maximum number of people you would like to train.

By clicking on 'I would like to become a member' on the right side of this page, you will get a look at which different memberships we have made available internationally. Click on the membership that serves your target group for more information, or go to the 'Order' tab to purchase your membership.

What are the benefits of a membership?

Garanteed learning
Learning about topics such as dealing with signs of child abuse and domestic violence, inappropriate behavior and communication about violence is secured in your organization during the membership duration.

Administration area
Members of Augeo academy have access to their own administration area. Here they can decide who receives which training, as well as keep track of the progress a student makes.

For a fixed yearly fee your organisation always has an up-to-date selection of online training available.

Available to everyone
All online training courses are available for all employees in your organisation. This also includes new emplyees.

There is no need to order and pay for training continuously. You only receive one invoice for the duration of your membership.

Pay less
You pay less for a membership in comparison to making stand-alone purchases through the catalogue.