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When it comes to preventing or stopping child abuse, children often depend on help from other adults in their environment, including professionals such as general practitioners and other doctors, teachers and childcare providers. These people are in a position to notice if something is wrong. Nonetheless, many professionals still find it difficult to recognise and act on signs of child abuse.

The importance of training 

Professionals who have been trained to work with a reporting code are three times more likely to take action when they have concerns about a particular family. This underscores how important training is. Professionals are eager to know more about how to tackle child abuse, as demonstrated by a survey conducted by Augeo magazine (‘Professionals highlight a lack of focus on child abuse in their training’). Training however can be expensive and time-consuming, and as a result specific training on child-abuse may be overlooked. 

Augeo’s online training courses are the perfect solution: they take up little time and are affordable.