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Online courses of Augeo academy

Augeo wants to ensure that everyone who is involved professionally with parents and children is able to recognise and deal with distressing situations in a child’s environment. Augeo academy’s online courses and lectures are designed to help professionals offer support.

In The Netherlands, we at Augeo have trained over 160.000 professionals in health and social care and (pre)education in recognising and dealing with worrying situations in a child’s environment with online courses.  The Augeo academy online training courses educate students on the topics of domestic violence and child abuse. As a student you learn to recognize the signs and to act upon these signs of abuse and neglect. You also learn practical skills, like communicating about sensitive subjects.

We have also developed courses for various medical staff, such as doctors, nurses, child health care staff and general practitioners. Besides our introductory course on the recognition of CAN, the online courses for these professionals deal with specific injuries and topics like ‘communicating about violence’ and ‘the importance of medicine in evaluating child sexual abuse’. In order to ensure that these courses are in line with their real-life working situations of medical staff, we made them in close collaboration with our national and international partners, such as the government, knowledge institutes, professional associations and ISPCAN.

Medical professionals
For hospitals we have the following online training courses and E-lectures:
  • Basic courses for Doctors and Nurses:  Residency training in child abuse and neglect  
  • Childcheck course
  • Specialisation courses: Skin lesions, Burn injuries
  • E-lectures: Communicating about violence (available in English, Long-term consequences of adverse childhood experiences, The importance of medicine in evaluating child sexual abuse