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Augeo wants to ensure that everyone who is involved professionally with parents and children is able to recognise and deal with distressing situations in a child’s environment. Augeo academy’s online courses and lectures are designed to help professionals offer support. In the Netherlands alone, already more than 115.000 people have taken an online course with Augeo academy.

What will you learn from the courses?

  • How to recognise the signs of child abuse.

  • How to raise and discuss concerns. 

  • What action you should take.

  • How to work in accordance with the reporting code. 

All of Augeo’s courses have been developed in close collaboration with professional associations and research institutes. This ensures that our courses are in line with the real-life working situations of professionals.


Augeo Foundation is a private Dutch not-for-profit foundation. However, we charge for our education and training services as we believe in taking a long-term approach to these problems and want to be able to guarantee that we can keep providing our training courses in the future. Our prices are set on a not-for-profit basis and the income generated is invested in the development of new learning tools and projects aimed at tackling child abuse and domestic violence.