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What exactly do children experience when their parents divorce? What can do you for them, and in what way is this important? Professionals often face a dilemma; to what extent are you responsible for defending the interests of children? The young coaches at the Augeo Academy have experience with this topic, and can help you with these issues.

More than 1,000 divorce professionals have participated in coaching, including stakeholders in youth care, mediation, law enforcement, judiciary, police, schools and emergency relief. The young coaches at the Augeo Academy share their personal histories about their parents’ divorces and disputes. They know, like no other about, what is difficult, sad, difficult or even positive, safe and constructive in a divorce situation.

These young people (15-25 years old) have completed extensive training with a certified trainer to ensure that they themselves can provide high-quality coaching. The essence of the courses is to provide insight into the experiences of children with divorced parents, so that adults can make decisions which reflect the interests of the child.

The courses are characterised by:

  • The openness and honesty of the young people in sharing their stories

  • A confidential dialogue between professionals and young people

  • An interaction between personal experiences and concrete tools

  • Exercises and role-playing games, so that acquired knowledge and insights can be applied directly

For more information please contact Desiree de Jongh (desiree@augeo.nl).