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Why young people?

Augeo is committed to providing a safe environment for children and young people. To achieve this objective, we focus on projects and research, and provide training for professionals. We believe in collaborating with young people to bridge the gap between them and professionals, which is why participation by young people is fundamental to Augeo and its policies.

Participation means actually taking part in something. Everyone wants to, and indeed has to, participate in society. Participation by young people is not only useful and fun for them and those around them, it is also a right. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child stipulates that children and young people have the right to express their views, join in discussions and make joint decisions on topics which are important to them.

Young people are involved in Augeo's activities in various ways. For example, a youth survey is conducted every year by the Youth Task Force (Jongerentaskforce). It includes studies on how safe young people feel in youth institutions. The Youth Task Force offers its thoughts and joins in discussions, using this as a basis to give politicians and policymakers, among others, advisory recommendations. In mid-2016, Augeo Academy was extended by recruiting young people to help coach professionals. These face-to-face workshops currently deal with divorce, and are given by young people who have experience with this topic.