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As a professional working at the Emergency Department (ED) you encounter a lot of different patients: children with injuries, adult patients with mental problems, substance abuse problems or who are victims of domestic violence. If these patients are pregnant or care for children you should be worried about the safety of children. But what can you do?

Detection of Family Maltreatment at the Emergency Department

The Emergency Department is the ideal location for the detection of Family Maltreatment, for example it is estimated that 0,2% - 10% of children treated at the ED, is a victim of child maltreatment. Screening tools, increasing awareness by training with e-learning, recognizing parental risk factors and elder abuse at the ED are discussed in this session.

At the EuSEM Congress 2017 we gave the following presentations:

  1. Detection of Child maltreatment: screening at the emergency departments by Prof. Dr. H.A. Moll, paediatrician, Department of paediatrics, ErasmusMC-Sophia Childrens Hospital, The Netherlands
    - Presentation by Prof. Dr. H.A. Moll
    - Article Detection of child abuse
    - Article Effects of systematic screening
  2. A new successful method for detecting child maltreatment based on parental characteristics (Child check) by Dr. Hester Diderich-Lolkes de Beer, Haaglanden Medical Center, The Netherlands
  3. Implementation of screening instruments with the help of mandated training and e-learning by Marielle Dekker Msc, Managing director Augeo Foundation, The Netherlands
    - Presentation Marielle Dekker
  4. Detection of Elderly maltreatment by Sivera Berben PhD, RN Associate professor of Emergency and Acute Health Care, Knowledge Centre of Sustainable Healthcare HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Abstracts presentation Detection of Family Maltreatment at the Emergency Department

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