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Burn injuries

Developed for: Doctors working in hospitals
Time: 1 hr
Expenses: € 20.- (excl. 21% VAT)
€ 24.20 (incl. 21% VAT)
Accreditation: No accreditation

Description of training module

As a medical specialist, you may come into contact with a child who has a burn injury as a result of child abuse. Determining whether a burn injury is actually the result of a consciously inflicted injury or neglect by the parents is a complicated task.

This course given in the English language can help you to recognize patterns and characteristics of consciously inflicted burn injuries and suspicious circumstances. In addition, during the course you can practise the screening questions once more, this time specifically aimed at burn injuries.

The course begins with a brief summary of the general course on child abuse and the tools which you can use to detect abuse. Then you will learn about burn injuries related to child abuse.

Next, you will learn about the specific patterns which you can recognize regarding burn injuries as a result of child abuse.

In addition, information is given about burn injuries as a result of continual neglect. The fourth chapter is about the differential diagnosis of burn injuries. The course is rounded off with a test.

Time: 1 hr