The Flemish centre for pupil guidance (Centrum voor Leerlingbegeleiding, CLB) helps teachers and staff members at Flemish schools support refugee children and refugee youth. As part of this collaboration, Augeo adapted the two courses to the Flemish context. The CLB will promote and distribute these two free courses among professionals in the educational sector in Belgium.

BumF and BafF in Germany

As non-profit organizations, Augeo Foundation, BumF (Federal Association for Unaccompanied Refugee Minors) and BAfF (National Association of Psychosocial Support Centres for Refugees and Torture Victims) share the common goal providing better support for refugee children so they can grow up healthy and safe and without fear. Each organization works in its own way to contribute to this goal. BumF is the principal network for many actors in Germany who support unaccompanied refugee minors. BAfF is the umbrella organization for the 37 psychosocial centres for refugees and survivors of torture and a non-profit and non-governmental association with a strong emphasis on regional and national networking with health care professionals as well as social and political structures.

In this cooperation project, BumF and BAfF will review the Augeo courses for necessary adjustments to the German context and will promote the use of the courses in Germany. With their own communication means, the deployment of their network (partner organizations, children and refugee organizations) and together with the German Education Union (GEW) a potential of at least 80,000 professionals (70,000 teachers) could be reached. GEW is the education sector union affiliated with the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB). Augeo will translate and adapt the courses and give German teachers free access through the online learning platform Augeo Academy. The two courses will be available in early October 2018.