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Child abuse

When child abuse occurs, a child is mistreated by its parent, parents or other adults to such an extent that it causes harm to that child. This harm may take the form of physical injury, such as bruising or burns, or psychological harm. Even if the harm done is not immediately visible, it can still be extremely serious. Child abuse is not always intentional. Some parents or carers are simply no longer able to cope with caring for a child, and this leads to child abuse. Child abuse is often caused by a parent or someone else in the child’s home environment. In such cases, the abuse can also be described as domestic violence. However, child abuse can also happen in other places, such as childcare facilities, schools or sports clubs.

Forms of child abuse

Child abuse can take various forms:

  • Physical abuse: all forms of physical violence, such as kicking and hitting.
  • Emotional or psychological abuse: an adult frequently screams and shouts at a child, or rejects and is hostile to the child, or deliberately frightens the child. 
  • Physical neglect: the child does not receive the care he or she needs. 
  • Emotional or psychological neglect: the child does not receive enough positive attention. The parents or carers ignore the child’s need for love, warmth and security. This is the case if, for example, the child witnesses violence between his or her parents. 
  • Sexual abuse: an adult touches a child in a sexual manner.

Augeo’s training courses

Child abuse can have a lasting, harmful impact on a child. For this reason, Augeo wants to ensure that everyone who works with parents and children is able to recognise and deal with cases of child abuse, and that children and parents can move on with their lives after having lived through traumatic situations. These aims are central in the development of our online training courses for professionals. Augeo academy courses provide training on:

  • Recognising the signs of child abuse
  • Raising and discussing concerns
  • Taking action

Each course contains case studies based on examples from a particular field. We offer online training courses for various target groups, including professionals in the fields of education and healthcare. Please have a look at a few demo’s of our courses and e-lectures on child abuse:

Augeo magazine

Augeo magazine is Augeo’s free online publication about tackling child abuse and domestic violence. Everyone who takes one of Augeo’s training courses receives our magazine. Augeo magazine is also available free of charge to others who have not yet taken one of our courses.

While most editions are available in Dutch, the English edition of Augeo magazine titled ‘Working with men and boys’ deals with preventing child sexual abuse. This edition was developed in cooperation with ISPCAN.