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Domestic violence

Domestic violence is the abuse of a person by another person in their home environment. This may be a partner or ex-partner, a parent, a grandparent, a child or a sibling. The abuse itself does not necessarily take place at home. Domestic violence, which is also known as violence in dependency relationships, causes harm to the victim. This may take the form of physical injury, such as bruising and fractured bones, or psychological damage.

What is domestic violence?

The person commiting domestic violence is always someone from the victim’s home environment. Domestic violence comes in various forms:

  • Child abuse 
  • Abuse of young adults
  • Neglect
  • Abuse of a partner or ex-partner
  • Elder abuse 
  • Honour-based violence 
  • Genital mutilation
  • Forced marriage
  • Sexual abuse
  • Abuse of parents

Recognising and tackling domestic violence

Domestic violence has a major impact on victims and often as well on those around them. This is why Augeo wants to ensure that everyone who works with people can identify and tackle domestic violence, and that the victims can move on with their lives after their traumatic experiences. These aims are the focus of our online training courses, which teach professionals how to recognise the signs of domestic violence and take action in accordance with a reporting code.

A few examples of our learning materials about domestic violence:

  • The e-lecture Long-term consequences of adverse childhood experiences focuses on the study into the connection between child abuse and health complaints in adulthood. In the e-lecture three Dutch experts react to the results of this study. 
  • During the e-lecture Communicating about violence Professor Adriaenssens, child and youth psychiatrist, talks about how to communicate with parents when suspecting violence.

Augeo magazine

Augeo magazine is Augeo’s free online publication about tackling child abuse and domestic violence. Everyone who takes one of Augeo’s training courses automatically receives our magazine. Augeo Magazine is also available free of charge to others who have not yet taken one of our courses.

While most editions of Augeo magazine are available in Dutch, the English edition titled ‘Working with men and boys’ deals with preventing child sexual abuse. This edition was developed in cooperation with ISPCAN.