About the Survey

EUSEM, EuSEN and Augeo Foundation, Erasmus MC and Haaglanden MC from The Netherlands have joined forces to work together on improving the knowledge on child abuse and neglect and implementation of tools in order to detect more victims of family maltreatment at the EDs in Europe.

This survey aims to get insight into the different policies to recognize child abuse at the emergency departments (EDs) in Europe. We like to learn from the different strategies at EDs and aim to develop a combined strategy for early detection (screening) and e-learning customized for different settings. In the survey we focus on two ways to detect child abuse:

• based on child characteristics: child injuries, behavior
• based on parental characteristics (the so called 'child check', a new and successful method in The Netherlands).

Topics: Use of protocols and screening tools, riskgroup identification, Existence of training programmes, Presence of a Child abuse working and Child abuse and neglect policy officer, Collaboration with Child Protective Services, Registration and monitoring of suspicious cases.

Thank you in advance!
EUSEM, EuSEN, Augeo Foundation, Erasmus MC and Haaglanden MC

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Screening tools for parents

A new successful method is detecting child maltreatment based on parental characteristics. Read more