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Internationaal Providing support to refugee children

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Teachers can make a real difference for refugee children. Your support can help refugee children become more resilient. In this course you will learn how you can help these children.

This course begins with an introduction on chronic stress & resilience. this online course also consists of 6 sections.. These sections can be followed separately. Besides theory, they include many practical exercises and tips. These 6 sections cover various aspects:

  1. Increasing a sense of safety
  2. Stimulating relationships
  3. Managing emotions
  4. Managing behaviour
  5. Involving parents
  6. Taking care of children and yourself

As a result of the interactive work forms, you yourself will set to work actively with the information. You will apply the information offered and exchange experiences with the other course participants. The work forms are alternated with animations and interviews with refugee children.

Tijd: 4 hours