Augeo wants to ensure that everyone who is involved professionally with parents and children is able to recognize and deal with distressing situations in a child’s environment. Augeo Academy’s online courses and lectures are designed to help professionals offer support.

The development and availability of Augeo’s online courses made it possible to effectively and successfully train 200,000 Dutch professionals in health, social care and (pre)education within ten years. Our aim for the coming years is to contribute to the better detection of child abuse and neglect worldwide.

What will you learn in our courses?

  • How to recognize the signs of child abuse and domestic violence
  • How to raise and discuss concerns
  • What action you should take
  • How to work in accordance with a reporting code and screening questions

All of Augeo’s courses have been developed in close collaboration with professional associations and research institutes. This ensures that our courses are in line with the real-life working situations of professionals.

Why is training important?

Research shows that the training of professionals significantly contributes to better identification and reporting of child maltreatment. But many countries struggle with the same problem: the majority of their professionals lack the knowledge and skills to recognize child abuse and neglect; training materials reach only a small percentage of the professionals. Experience from the Netherlands shows that e-learning courses can be used to effectively and successfully train large numbers of professionals in a quick and cost-efficient way.

What is the impact of Augeo’s online training courses?

The effectiveness of our online training courses for the health care sector has been researched by the University Medical Centre Utrecht. The results were published in an article in the Archives of Diseases in Childhood. This article shows that e-learning improved performance in case simulations and the self-efficacy of nurses in the emergency department in the detection of child abuse. Another survey revealed that 86% of people who completed our courses feel they are now better equipped to tackle cases of child abuse and domestic violence.

How does it work?

Professionals can access the online courses in the Augeo Academy by buying them individually through our catalogue or by setting up a membership. With a membership, the online courses will be available through the online Learning Portal. Through the Learning Portal, organizations can invite their employees to enrol in a course by using their email-addresses. They can also track their progress and create progress reports. The membership fee depends on the duration of the membership and the number of employees to be trained.

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