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Online training

How is the training organised?

An Augeo academy training module is often an interactive learning component or e-lecture. An interactive learning component guides you through the syllabus using various methods. You are asked to interact, and put your knowledge into practice. An e-lecture, as the name suggests, is a lecture on video. The lecture is given by an expert in the field, and supported by animations and video. In addition to these two elements, a training may also include a test. The result of this test is given as a percentage, from 0-100%. The result is displayed on the certificate of participation. The test can be retaken only once.

Is there a time limit for Students to complete the course?

All training modules are valid throughout the Membership period. If the Membership expires and is not renewed, Students will still have seven months to complete their courses. If a training course is followed outside the Membership, in other words independently purchased through the catalogue, then the course must be completed within 1 year of activating the code. This does not apply to training modules for vocational education: these may be followed for four years.

I'm working on a training module, but the videos falter or crash. What is causing this to happen?

This is probably related to the speed of the internet or network connection with your computer or workstation. One alternative is to follow the course in a different location outside the network or range of the internet connection.

I'm working on a training module, but the ‘Continue’ button remains disabled. What is causing this to happen?

There are a number of possible causes. Firstly, the ‘continue’ button is only enabled after you have fully answered a question. A question can have several parts, so it is important to check this first. A question may also have an outro. The outro is a half-circle next to the Continue button, which turns green when it is enabled. The Continue button remains disabled until the outro is started. If neither of these solutions work, restart the module and check if the Continue button is still disabled. If the problem is not resolved, please contact the helpdesk.

Why is there a test/no test at the end of my training module?

Our training is designed to increase your awareness of the problem of child abuse by stimulating reflection, increasing your knowledge of the subject and getting you to put your knowledge into practice. We make it easier for you to recognise signals given by children who might be suffering abuse or neglect, and consequently also know what you can do and how you should do it. To make our training more relevant to your professional work, we have applied for accreditation for a large number of our courses. Accreditation committees often require that training includes tests on the trainee’s knowledge, so we have created tests for certain courses.

Where can I see my test results?

After you have completed the test, you can see the questions and correct answers one single time. These cannot be printed, because otherwise they could be passed on to other Students. You can, however, print out the scores on each topic of the test, which will give you an overview of the topics which went well and less well for you.

I’d like to know the score I need to pass the test. Where can I find this information?

The introduction screen of the test states how many questions you must correctly answer to pass the test. If you fail the test, it will be shown on the certificate of participation. If you retook the test, the highest score will be shown. Please note: the certificate of participation only shows the score, and does not indicate if this represents a pass or fail. It is up to institutions themselves to set training course requirements.

Can I follow the training module on a tablet?

We are currently working on a solution which will allow all our training modules to be followed on a tablet. We are introducing this in stages. If a training module is suitable for a tablet, this will be indicated in the introduction screen of the module.

Can I follow a training module in a number of stages, or do I have to complete it in one go?

It is possible to pause a training module before it is completed, and go back to it later. The place you have reached will be stored, so you can continue where you left off. Please note: This does not apply to tests, these must be completed in one go.

How will Augeo academy’s training courses help me in my profession?

Augeo academy provides high quality e-learning in the field of identifying and acting on child abuse. This training was developed in collaboration with various partners, including the Dutch Ministry of Health, the NJI (Dutch Youth Institute) and Vyvoj. The training provided by the Augeo academy is the only one in the Netherlands which has been studied for its practical effectiveness. Such effectiveness was indeed found: it turned out that nurses at the University Medical Centre Utrecht who had followed Augeo academy’s training courses had more suspicions of child abuse and had also acted on them. For more information about this study, download the full article published in Archives of Disease in Childhood.