Our goal is to make sure that children who suffer from violence, neglect or abuse are seen and heard and receive the support they need.

We focus on professionals who work with children and parents

According to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, parents and government authorities must act jointly to protect their children against violence. Augeo Foundation is eager to contribute from a position of independence. Rather than offering assistance to children and parents directly, we primarily focus on the professionals who are close to them, such as teachers, nurses, GPs, medical specialists and day care workers. They are the first to notice when parents and children experience difficulties at home, which is exactly when children expect their support.

Our activities:
• Augeo Foundation trains professionals at the Augeo Academy and through Augeo Magazine
• Augeo Foundation gives children who experience violence a platform for telling their story via the Augeo Jongerentaskforce (Augeo Youth Taskforce)
• Augeo Foundation supports policymakers with advice, research and publications
• Augeo Foundation strengthens the resilience of children who experience violence through pilot projects, research, advice and training

Detection, collaboration and support

Augeo Foundation supports professionals based on a vision that combines three elements: detection, collaboration and support. We believe all professionals can perform these three tasks in cases where an unsafe situation seems imminent in a family. This involves detecting that parents and children are in a difficult situation, collaborating in order to put an end to unsafe parenting situations and simultaneously supporting the parents and/or the children with whom you have contact. This three-pronged approach (detection-collaboration-support) is the recurrent theme in all our training courses and projects.


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