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Privacy statement

We greatly value your privacy and the personal and other data which you provide us with. We also believe that it is important to inform you about how we use your personal data. We therefore recommend that you read this Privacy Statement carefully.

Download the Privacy Statement in pdf format here.


1. Identity

This website is administered by Augeo academy, a private company with limited liability established at Hoofdstraat 67 in Driebergen-Rijsenburg (3971 KD), the Netherlands. Augeo academy can be contacted via info@augeoacademy.nl.  

2. Purpose of the website

Augeo academy’s operations are focussed on managing and operating an e-academy via its website at www.augeo.nl (hereinafter also referred to as ‘the Website’). We use the Website to fulfil our aim of informing our registered users about our e-learning modules. In addition, we want the Website to arouse the interest of other visitors, who may also decide to take advantage of our digital products and services. 

3. Requested information

The Website has both public areas, which are accessible to everyone, and private areas. You can visit the public areas of the Website anonymously, to learn more about Augeo academy. The private section of the Website is dedicated exclusively to registered users of the Website. E-learning modules for professionals are provided in the private sections of the website. To enter the private sections of the Website, prior registration is required. You will receive login credentials (username and password) from Augeo academy after sending us online at least the following: your user name, title, first name, last name, gender, organisation, email address and desired password. You can access the data which you send to Augeo academy yourself online. Any data received by Augeo academy from you in this way will not be published on the internet.

When you send data over the internet, you accept the risk that third parties may intercept, misuse or change this data. Augeo academy will not actively provide information from registered users or other visitors to the website to third parties unless the required prior consent has been given, or Augeo academy is obliged to do so by law. 

4. Purpose of gathering data

Augeo academy will use the business and/or personal data of registered users of the Website for the purpose of: 

    1. its debtor’s ledger, dealing with disputes and auditing activities, maintaining contact between Augeo academy and its registered users, implementing or applying a law;

    3. sending you a magazine from Augeo academy - Augeo magazine;

    5. sending you additional training in the context of the training courses followed by you at Augeo academy;

    7. answering any questions you send to Augeo academy;

    9. Evaluation surveys;

    11. Knowledge-Attitude-Skills surveys;

    13. Opinion surveys

The personal and other data we collect puts us in a better position to offer you products and services on the Website in a clear, direct and responsible way. We also use the non-public data to understand the kinds of people who visit the Website, as well as to let you know, via any enhanced contact details you provide, about the benefits of the services and products of Augeo academy. We collect and use your personal data, therefore, only for the purpose of our business operations and to improve our services. 

5. Other data processing

We can collect and analyse information on the use of the Website by visitors, including the IP address, the pages visited, and duration, using a statistics programme associated with the Website. Except for the IP address, no personal data of Website visitors who are not logged in is collected. Incidentally, IP addresses cannot generally be used to directly reveal your identity. Your IP address merely reveals the name of your access provider or company network. 

6. Data processing of your organisation

If you access the e-learning provided by Augeo academy through your organisation, you accept that any personal and other data you provide, and your progress information, can be seen and edited by an administrator appointed by your organisation. 

7. Cookies

We also use cookies to remember the user name given to you and your password. A cookie is a small file sent to your browser and stored on the hard drive of your computer. You can allow or block cookies by changing your browser settings. Deleting cookies may affect the correct functioning of the e-learning modules provided through the Website. 

8. Deletion request

Anyone can withdraw consent at any time, and request deletion of his or her data. If asked, Augeo academy will delete the data required for registration immediately, or at least as soon as possible. In order to be able to respond to a request to remove or correct data, the registered user must provide the data which was used for registration in the first place. We will contact you via the email address provided when you registered. Any deletion or correction requests should be sent to info@augeo.nl.

Your data may also be deleted on the initiative of Augeo academy. Augeo academy might do this, for example, if a registered user makes it clear that he or she no longer wishes to use the services offered by Augeo academy. 

9. Questions concerning privacy

Questions regarding the privacy policy of the Website can be sent to the Administration and Support Manager at Augeo academy by post, or emailed to info@augeo.nl.

10. Protection

Augeo academy has implemented the following technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against loss or any form of unlawful processing.

For the registration of Website users, Augeo academy uses the following measures: The data processed through the Website is stored in a database connected to the internet. This database is adequately protected against unauthorised use by third parties, such as changing the data. Apart from data on the private section of the Website, all data on the Website is accessible to the public and can, therefore, be copied by any third party to its own system. The public areas of the Website can be indexed by search engines, whereas the private sections cannot. 

11. Data storage period

Personal data is not stored by Augeo academy in a form which permits identification of those concerned for any longer than is necessary for the purposes for which this data was collected or further processed.

12. Changes

Augeo academy reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. It is advisable to consult this Privacy Policy regularly so that you are aware of these changes.