Augeo Foundation's motto is ‘every child in a safe environment’. We intend to achieve this by assisting professionals who work with children and parents on a daily basis. The Foundation has set itself three goals for the coming three years.

- We want to reach 30,000 new course participants every year until 2021. Each year, Augeo Academy expands and enhances the knowledge and skills of tens of thousands of professionals. We help them recognize and tackle child abuse at an earlier stage and offer children a safe environment.

- By 2021, we want to have achieved a situation in which as many children as possible receive support at school when they experience problems at home. By involving hundreds of schools in this ambition, we believe that this can be achieved for at least 10,000 children. Successful pilot projects indicate good feasibility.

- By 2021, we want to have investigated whether the approach to child abuse in Dutch municipalities is effective. Is the violence effectively stopped and do the children benefit? More than 1,300 families in roughly 100 municipalities are participating in this study. They will be followed for a number of years.

Our strategy

Our goal is to make sure that children who suffer from violence, neglect or abuse, are seen and heard and receive the support they need. Read more

Our Organization

Augeo Foundation wants every child in the Netherlands to grow up safely. Our work focuses on the more than 118,000 children in our country who grow up with violence, neglect or abuse. Read more