Augeo Foundation wants every child in the Netherlands to grow up safely. Our work focuses on the more than 118,000 children in our country who grow up with violence, neglect or abuse. They experience a bitter divorce, domestic violence or child abuse in their family environment; they are severely bullied at school or abused by someone they know well; they have fled to the Netherlands to escape armed conflict; or their parents have severe psychological problems or problems with substance abuse.

Our goal is to make sure that these children are seen and heard and receive the support they need.

Augeo Foundation is a non-profit organization that is funded by donations from family assets. We use this independent position to actively implement innovative improvements and to address bottlenecks. Augeo was founded in 2007 by Gemma Kobessen.

Augeo Foundation currently employs 24 people who are responsible for customer support, relationship management, ICT, project management, communication and secretarial activities. Specialists in online learning develop dozens of online courses each year. The Augeo Youth Taskforce is managed by a coordinator and support counsellor. A team of five experts supports all of these activities by contributing their expertise on preventing child abuse and domestic violence and promoting good parenting. In addition, they advise public authorities, engage in research and implement innovative projects.