Neglect, abuse and maltreatment almost never stop automatically. Fear and shame generally keep victims and perpetrators silent. Many cases of child abuse and domestic violence are kept secret for years.

Rapid action

This is why it is important that professionals who are close to a family react to the first signs of possible domestic violence.

Reporting code and child check

A reporting code for child abuse and domestic violence assists in this area. And the 'child check' is also an effective tool. However, we also know that simply having these tools at our disposal is not enough. You have to learn how to recognize the signs, preferably during your initial professional training, and develop skills such as good communication. Once you find a job in your professional field, you maintain your skills through further education.

Augeo Foundation is intensively involved in the continued development of the Model Reporting Code Domestic Violence and Child Abuse and the 'child check' in the Netherlands. Augeo Academy ensures that up-to-date expertise on recognizing domestic violence is shared with tens of thousands of current and future professionals.

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