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Online course how to support refugee children

Free online course

Teachers like you can make a real difference for refugee children. Your support can help refugee children become more resilient. Augeo would like to help you provide this support. In cooperation with refugee children, their parents and Dutch experts in the field, we therefore developed, at our own costs, an online course for you and other primary education staff. In this course you will learn how you can help refugee children.

In this course (Providing Support to Refugee Children) you will learn about:

  • the consequences of chronic stress
  • how to support children so that they feel safe and are able to focus on learning again.

This course contains six sections, in addition to the introduction to chronic stress and resilience. These sections can be followed separately. They cover the underlying theory and several practical exercises and tips. The six sections cover the following topics:

  1. increasing a sense of safety
  2. stimulating relationships
  3. managing emotions
  4. managing behaviour
  5. involving parents
  6. taking care of children and yourself

You can practise your skills with:

  • activities
  • animations
  • stories told by refugee children reflecting on their time at school.

The hundreds of Dutch teachers who have taken the course so far are very enthusiastic. They feel that the online course matches their everyday experience and makes them better equipped to support refugee children.

Availability in other languages

The course Providing Support to Refugee Children is now also available in English and German.

Contact us if you’d like to see the online course Providing Support to Refugee Children offered in another language or if you have any other questions about this course.

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