When a child grows up in uncertainty, anxiety and with a lot of stress, there is a higher risk of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). An accumulation of ACEs is dangerous and has a negative impact on health, someone's behaviour and lowers life expectancy. To understand the variety of ACEs, Augeo developed 6 infographics for professionals to use in conversations with parents, children or other relatives.

In the Netherlands, 44% of adults have experienced one or more ACEs. These include physical or psychological abuse, a parent with addiction problems, growing up in structural poverty or chronic bullying. Fortunately, more and more is known, including the prevention of ACEs. In six infographics we bundled this information in an easy and visual way.

From your profession, you can use them when talking to parents. But also to motivate other colleagues or your team to learn more about this topic, or you can use them in your own training programmes.

Window of tolerance

The Window of tolerance animation explains the impact of dramatic events on a child. It explains the behaviour of children and tells you how to help a child feel safer and cope with intense stress.