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Online course how to support refugee youth

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Geflüchtete Jugendliche unterstützen

Especially for teachers, there is an online course on how to support refugee youth. Teachers like you can really make a difference for refugee youth. In a short time they have experienced very stressful events. Anyone whose work involves dealing with these young people can play a very important role for them. Augeo wants to help you provide this support.

How can you help refugee youth?

Course for secondary schools: Offering support to refugee youngsters

Young people who have fled to Norway/Finland/Sweden have often experienced several stressful events. As a result, they may experience chronic stress. In this course, teachers learn about stress in young people and how to deal with it. So that young people feel safe and can learn again. Teachers learn how they can promote the natural resilience of these young people and thus contribute to their recovery.

More information about the course

The first part of the course deals with the theory: what does chronic stress do with young people? In this section attention is also paid to the natural recovery of young people in the event of stress. Thematic sections follow. All components are based on the perspective of how you as a teacher can promote the resilience and recovery of young people.

The course consists of several parts that can be followed flexibly and separately. In total, the course contains 4-5 hours of study material.

Themes in this course are:

  • Safety. The sense of security is crucial to regain learning. Teachers can help individual students to feel safe in the classroom and can ensure a safe climate in the group as a whole.
  • Emotions. Young people are often confused by the experiences they have had. But adolescence also has an influence. How can you make that distinction? And how can you, as a teacher, teach young people to better understand and handle their emotions?
  • Behaviour. Young people sometimes display inappropriate behavior as a result of stress - here too attention is paid to the difference between normal adolescent behavior and behavior that results from stress. How can you deal with this behavior in a supportive way and help them understand and regulate their behavior?
  • Limits to care. Sometimes young people (and/or their parents) need help from a healthcare professional, referral is then necessary. It is also important to take good care of yourself and to guard your limits.

A wide range of working methods are used in the various parts of the course, including case histories and animations. Teachers talk about their experiences with young people in the group. Former students of International Switching Classes talk about their experiences at school and what has supported them or not.

This course has been translated into German and adapted to the German context in cooperation with national refugee organisations BumF and BafF, the Freudenberg Foundation and the German Education Union (GEW).